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           There are three things that are called an ‘Os’, a sign that a person is Jewish. These are Shabbos, Teffilin and Shmiras Habris. While there are many publications and organizations that promote the observance of Shabbos and the use of Teffilin, the topic of Shmiras Habris is almost completely ignored. According to the Kabbalah, Shmiras Habris is the most important of the three. In addition, any person that is Shomer Habris properly is constantly dressed by a spirit of holiness and is easily able to observe the other commandments in the Torah. Feel free to print and study the PDF's below. For more information, please visit and

           The first step to becoming shomer habrit is to guard your eyes and the best way to do that is not to have improper content lying around the house. One big problem is the internet. For me personally I felt like there was no filter which could block everything and also not give me access to changing my settings and thereby having access to everything all over again. Therefore I came up with a solution using the k-9 web protection system which is free! If you are ready to install just move on to the steps outlined below and follow the instructions to download the internet filter for free. The steps below will tell you how to download it but also how to change the email address on your account so you do not have access to changing your settings.

           If you aren’t convinced or want to know the philosophy behind why you should have it and learn some Torah please read on and scroll down to the PDF's below.

           There is a gemara which says if a man comes upon a fork on the road and one way is women who are improperly dressed and another way there aren’t any women and both roads take him home; if he chooses the road with the women thinking he is gonna pass a test and not look, the gemara calls him a rasha. We are never supposed to test ourselves and the reason for this is simple. The entire point of creation is for us to become one with Hashem. This is done by letting go of the self and the ego in order to allow Hashem to be everything. When a person creates a test for him/herself and passes it he is doing the opposite. He is saying I did it! I is the problem here. Having internet filter is not just for people who suffer from porn addiction but even the Gedolim (women also have to have it) have to have it if they want to use internet. It is strictly halacha. Please follow the steps below which will lead you to installing an internet filter in less than 10 minutes and free yourself from this unnecessary test and from the avaira of having a computer without the filter and also the likely outcome of looking at improper things on your shoulders as well. The steps below will tell you how to download it but also how to change the email address on your account so you do not have access to changing your settings. 

  1. Log on to

  2. On the right hand side click on icon that says “download k-9 today for free”.

  3. Fill out name and email and click on icon that says “request license”

  4. Check your email and click on “download k-9 web protection. They will then ask you for your k-9 license. This is in your email as well so just copy and paste it. After that it’s straightforward to install it on your computer.

  5. After installation is complete open k-9 either on your desktop or search for it in your programs and open it. Then press set up. On the left hand side click on web categories to block. Then choose custom and click on the following to block: pornography, adult/mature content, alternative sexuality lifestyles, LGBT,  intimate apparel/ swimsuit, sex education, nudity, also to protect your computer from viruses select the following: spyware/ malware sources, spyware effects, phishing. The rest of the categories are safe and so you can deselect them if you like. Also if you have a website which you see its not blocking but want blocked you can click on website exceptions and add it to list of websites to block. Also make sure you deselect the other categories other than the ones listed if you do not want them blocked. But please keep in mind that the categories listed are HIGHLY recommended to block.

  6. Now on the left icon choose change password and choose a random 15 digit number which you will not remember. Write it down so that you can confirm the password being that you have to write it two times. After you wrote it down tear up the paper and throw it out. After that click on change email as well. You do not want to have your email there because there is an option which will just send you your password and then you will have access to all this content again. A person should never put himself at risk and even if you feel 100% strong that you wouldn’t look at them you should still change the email to This way you will not have access to changing your settings and if something comes up you can email us and we can take care of it for you. It would also be beneficial to us if you would email us about what we are doing. Suggestions and/or comments are greatly appreciated. Lastly don’t forget to send this as an email to friends and family saving someone else is crucial especially in today’s society. 

Tkikun Haklali Book.pdf Tkikun Haklali Book.pdf
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Type : pdf
Kuntrus Tikkun Habrit (Hebrew).pdf Kuntrus Tikkun Habrit (Hebrew).pdf
Size : 0.618 Kb
Type : pdf
Introduction to Tikkun Haklali (Hebrew).pdf Introduction to Tikkun Haklali (Hebrew).pdf
Size : 0.392 Kb
Type : pdf

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